Here you find the price list and example of Advertising.


For the price indicated you will have:
1 year advertising on and 
the link to your Webpage or Facebook page, as you like!

Only five activity can be inserted in these banner!

This Prices are valid ony for 5 days!

In October it will be integrated with the 



Sections were studied for each specific topic,
in every page we offer advertising space
only for the first five.
Do not risk losing the opportunity to find new customers
who are looking for your product or service while seeking advice
on the first guide

Some numbers... has its own
Facebook page with over 3400 fans, is supported by
advertising Adwords campaigns specific to each section.
The portal has over 200 visits per day and dozens of emails
arrive every day to ask for further advice and details
on activities that are advertised on the inside

For those who want to get the most from this amazing guide,
studied in detail for the Italians who come to Malta,
will dedicate a private page with an editorial that describes in detail,
which contains photos and maps of your business!

Priced at just 500 euro per year! Only one activity
for each individual section can win this offer!
Do not lose this opportunity of having new customers today!